January, February & March 2023 (Video)

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Australia for nearly two months (if you missed it – yes, we moved to Australia).

Today’s video covers January, February and March 2023. It starts shortly after we returned to cold, snowy Canada after our Christmas vacation, sees the house getting packed up, a few images from the actual transit from Canada to Australia, and our first few weeks down under! It’s also worth noting that while this video covers a three month period, it also takes place over three different seasons – winter in Canada, the last week of summer in Australia and the start of fall.

Now, I apologize, this isn’t the best video – I threw it together on the laptop, without a mouse, on a different program that I normally use. But, if you miss the kids, you’ll probably enjoy it!

We wanted to make sure we took lots of pictures and videos of the kids playing in the snow before leaving Canada. I joked that if they ever asked why we moved, I could just show them the pictures or videos. Turns out, there was some truth to that. Chloe saw the video as I was working on it and when she saw the snow she casually said, “See, that’s why I left the home in the Arctic!”

There are a couple of pictures of Otis after his first hair cut in here. It’s worth noting, he hated it. The boy loves having his hair in his eyes.

There’s also a lot of footage of Otis dancing. I probably could have trimmed these clips a bit, but I don’t want to forget his adorable dance moves.

Some of the highlights from our first month in Australia that are included in this video include Chloe enjoying the hotel pool, Otis enjoying life barefoot and bottomless, bringing Charlie home (he was so little – I cannot believe how much he has grown in a month), visiting the Canberra Walk-In Aviary and the National Dinosaur Museum (pay attention to that footage – Otis wanted to love it, he was trying to be like Chloe, but there are so many clips where you can tell he is so unsure and at times truly nervous), visiting the merry-go-round, Quizzic Alley, and trips to nearby playgrounds and soft plays.

We hope to have another video up towards the end of the month. It’s currently half-term/school holidays in Australia and we have a couple of fun and exciting events planned with the kids. Stay tuned!


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