May 2022

Do you remember our ‘Winter Highlights’ post where I said that we were sharing our longest video yet? Well, move over ‘Winter Highlights’, because for today’s post we’ve managed to create an even longer video.

I would have had this up last night, but as I was embedding the video in the blog post, I realized that the opening of the video said ‘May 2021’ and had to quickly fix that and I ended up falling asleep while the new video was uploading to YouTube.

So, as the title of both the blog post and video suggest, today we’re looking back on the month of May. As you’ll see, the video starts off with Chloë officially being potty trained and ends with a rather frightening storm that knocked out power all over the city. Between these two events, Otis had Hand, Foot and Mouth, and Chloë became absolutely obsessed with “Frozen”. It’s really all over the map.

So, without further adieu, here is a look back on how Chloë and Otis spent the month of May!


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