Halloween 2021

It’s no secret, this post feels so wrong today. Typically, for me, Halloween ends by 10pm on October 31st and then it’s straight into Christmas. And, if you know me well, you rolled your eyes because I can’t remember the last time I waited for Halloween to be over to start my Christmas planning. However, this morning I’m making an exception because last night after getting in from Trick-or-Treating with the kids and getting them settled, I just didn’t have the energy to type. So, without further adieu, here is our Halloween 2021 recap!

For us, Halloween kicked off on Friday morning when Chloë turned into a Princess Angel/Angel Princess for her class Halloween party. Chloë doesn’t love having her hair done, but whenever she puts on this Cinderella dress she insists on having her hair done. Her instructions on Friday were, “Mommy, put my hair in a ball on my head.” And, the look would not have been complete without a little sparkle. Chloë was thrilled when I brought out some makeup and added a little pink shimmer to her cheeks, a little neutral yet shimmery shadow to her eyes and topped the look off with some highlighter and a face mist.

Saturday morning after swimming lessons, the Halloween fun continued with some Halloween and Fall themed donuts and we spent some time watching some Halloween themed episodes of Chloë’s favourite Disney Junior shows.

Tom assisted Chloë in putting together some Halloween glasses and while Otis was a good sport, I think he had more fun looking at them than wearing them.

As much fun as I had throughout the day on Saturday, for me the highlight was getting a picture of both kids together in their Halloween pajamas.

Happy Halloween!

Not surprisingly, Sunday was our busiest day.

Sunday morning started with gymnastics, but Chloë woke up remembering that it was Halloween and thought for sure she got to change into her costume right away. Thankfully, one of her Halloween themed shirts had just finished drying so I was able to compromise with her and she set off to gymnastics, then she came with me to run a quick errand (it was nothing too exciting or Halloween themed – just grocery pick up). When we got home, Tom had started getting Otis ready and I quickly changed both kids into their costumes. This time, Chloë decided to be a witch and Otis was a shark.

Chloë loves sharks and actually helped me pick out Otis’ costume. I loved how excited she got when she saw him dressed up. She made such a fuss over him, calling him her “cutest little shark”.

The sweetest witch and little shark I’ve ever met.

With the kids dressed up, we headed to Toys R Us – they had some Halloween events going on such as Trick-or-Treating, story time and a costume parade. Chloë was happy to do the Trick-or-Treating and listened to a small portion of the story, but, this girl is after my heart – she was far more focused on checking out the toy selection and planning her Christmas wish list.

Sunday afternoon, the excitement of Halloween seemed to hit Chloë hard, she soon started acting overtired and I really started to have my doubts that she’d make it out that evening. I felt so conflicted – if she was going to be miserable, I didn’t want to take her, but she’s at the age where she and her preschool friends communicate and I couldn’t imagine her going to class in the morning and hearing about all of her classmates going out the night before if she missed it. As we were getting ready to leave the house, Chloë started saying that she didn’t want to knock on doors, so we agreed that she didn’t have to, we could just do a ‘Halloween walk’ and look at all of the costumes and decorations. This is when I went into full Mom mode. I knew there was a chance that Chloë would change her mind and want to participate in Trick-or-Treating so I made sure to take a bag, but I also knew that she might not and then she was going to be confused as to why she didn’t have any candy, so I filled the bag about halfway with candy from our own stash. We made it about four doors down when a woman and her son waved to Chloë and asked if she was Trick-or-Treating, I encouraged Chloë to take her bag and go get some candy. This was the game changer. Chloë came back to me beaming with delight about how she just got candy and that’s when I realized I didn’t have my mask. Has anyone else had moments where they completely forgot we’re still in Covid-times? I told Chloë that we had to go home for just a second to get a mask and I think she thought the night was over because she listened and followed me, but the entire time she was looking around at all of the houses yelling “Trick-or-Treat!” As if to say, “Quick, bring me your candy!” You could see the relief on her face when I grabbed my mask and we headed back out. Chloë had so much fun and seemed so grown up. She was a little nervous at times – there were some super spooky decorations and costumes out. And I didn’t push her to go to any house, I just followed her lead. She seemed to choose houses that were really decorated, had someone sitting outside handing out candy or houses that had a group of trick-or-treaters leaving as we approached. When we left the house, I told Tom we’d probably be back in twenty minutes. We were out for just over an hour! Otis slept the entire time in our Ergo Baby carrier, waking up as we turned into our own driveway. It was perfect timing!

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween 2021 recap and the adorable pictures of the kids. And, as soon as I hit ‘publish’, Otis and I have a Hallmark Christmas movie calling our names!


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