Otis’ 2 Month Update

We just returned home from Otis’ two month baby wellness check and it seemed like the perfect time to share Otis’ two month update! So let’s start with the obvious question – how are we already doing a two month update?

In the two months he’s been here, Otis has picked up a few nicknames including Otie/Odie, Oats and Mr. O.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to grab Otis’ length at this morning’s appointment but I did get his weight – he is up to 13lbs. As easy as it was for me to act surprised by this, because it’s so easy to think of him as the newborn baby I was handed in the hospital two months ago, the reality is, I saw this coming. After all, Otis is already in size two diapers and while he can still fit into some 0-3 month pants and body suits, for the most part he is wearing 3-6 month clothing!

Given Otis’ weight and overall health, we have been told that there are no concerns if we want to start encouraging him to sleep through the night without any feedings, or if he were to choose to do that on his own. While I’m thrilled that there are no concerns and believe me, I’d love to sleep through the night again, I expect we’ll take the same approach we did with Chloë and we’ll just follow his lead. If he’s anything like his sister, this could mean Mama won’t see 8 hours of sleep again until this time next year! That being said, even though Otis is still waking up every few hours at night, he’s not always waking up hungry. I’d say 75% of the time he wakes up at night, he only eats half of what he’d take during the day. There have been a few times I’ve gotten up with him, changed his diaper and just rocked or cuddled him until he fell asleep and he stayed asleep for another two hours, and then took a full feed.

Otis has recently started smiling. The first time he gave a real smile was when I turned on his dinosaur mobile and he now smiles at it on a daily basis. As much as I love when he smiles at me, I think the most precious thing has been seeing him smile at Chloë. While I’m not wishing away a single second, I am looking forward to watching them interact more. In addition to smiles, Otis is working on some new noises, which are so precious.

We’ve also been working on tummy time. I’m happy to say that he’s no longer falling asleep the second I set him down for tummy time and he’s no longer crying when he’s put down for tummy time and his neck strength and control is definitely improving. Originally I was planning on buying him the VTECH Tummy Time Discovery Pillow for Christmas, but seeing the quick progress we’re making with tummy time, I went ahead and ordered it last week and I’ll let him have it as soon as it arrives.

At two months old, Otis enjoys his swing, which is quickly becoming a life saver, as is our Ergo Baby carrier. As previously mentioned, he enjoys his dinosaur mobile, as well as his crib aquarium. He also enjoys walks in the stroller and going for drives. He’s just starting to get curious about some of Chloë’s toys – I think he’s still processing Tickle Me Elmo. He’s also starting to get into books. I know he likes being talked to, so I’m not really surprised by this. Now that he’s getting into books and loves the bath, I think we’re due to start working on a nighttime routine.

As part of this morning’s appointment, Otis received his first immunizations. Why do babies have to have such a heartbreaking cry when they get needles? They warned that he could be quite cranky for the rest of the day or he could be sleepy instead. We’re armed with Infant Tylenol and prepared for cranky, but so far, he’s been sleepy.

And just like that, I spoke too soon. There’s that heartbreaking cry again. I guess Otis has decided we’ve shared enough today. And based on that cry, he’s decided that nothing on my to do list needs to be accomplished, he just needs cuddles. Wish us luck!!


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